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Time reveals all truths. In a year, where the persistent message has been “we just don’t know enough”, one truth has emerged that requires immediate attention.

Primarily, the medical profession has spearheaded slowing the spread of COVID-19 which has become the persistent and consistent focus. However, no healing profession has taken the responsibility to spearhead the mission of improving health.

Clinical experience and the education of our doctors have led us to understand that health is diminished through three primary causes: psychological stress, physical traumatic stress, and biochemical stress. This year has proven to be an inundation of those three causes, and people’s health has been greatly diminished. Healthcare culture has morphed into a culture of feeling good and avoidance rather than understanding what robs or improves one’s health.

Health equivocates to adaptation to those three stresses, not simply symptom management and avoidance. Our clinic and many around the nation have noticed several trends since March 2020 that are worth noting. A general decline in the health of the population as stress, inactivity, and increased sanitation standards have become prevalent. That fact is based on, and measured by the following: an increase in injuries with minimal or no provocation, increase in new conditions like vertigo, headaches, dizziness, TMJ dysfunction, weight gain, clinically low levels of blood oxygen, and reported psychological difficulties such as suicidal thoughts, anxiety and depression in children and adults alike. The medical profession is now attributing this downward decline of health to a condition called “Long Hauler Syndrome” which is a hypothesized long-term effect of COVID -19 infection. The strategies of avoidance and seeking to feel good has led to a general weakening, and less adaptive state of the population.

As a clinic, we have been able to measure the restoration of health within the patients that we care for. We have documented resolution and improvement of soft tissues injuries, vertigo, headaches, dizziness, stress levels, and elevated blood oxygen levels with patients who receive consistent Chiropractic care. As chiropractors we are separate by our very unique skill set, and that is removing nerve interference. When doing so, the body is able to have the full expression of neurological function, and thus adapt to stress in order to regain and maintain health. The evidence clearly shows that every single person needs to be under prescribed Chiropractic care urgently right now

As Chiropractors, we have two primary responsibilities: Help our patients regain and maintain their health using the Chiropractic adjustment, and uphold the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm”. Currently the perceived greatest harm is exposure to COVID-19 and the CDC defines a close contact of COVID-19 to be exposure within six feet of another person for longer than 15 minutes, mask or no mask. Because a Chiropractic adjustment takes a fraction of that time, Chiropractors don’t just help patients feel better, but we prevent hospitalizations, and reverse these downward health trends in the communities we serve in a safe manner.

Time has shown us, slowing the spread of COVID-19, isn’t a long-term solution without also improving health with an equivocal focus. Chiropractors are the only profession with the education, experience and the ability to perform the Chiropractic adjustment. We have the ability to help our patients regain and maintain health in a way that no other healing profession can. After almost a year of gathering information, we need to stand up for our patients in order to restore health through regular and consistent Chiropractic adjustments. The world will look back to see the profession that promoted health and stood up for the rights of natural healthcare choice, and I believe that profession will be Chiropractic.



Please help us continue on the pursuit of gaining information in order to have greater understanding of the health status of the population post pandemic. You can do this by setting aside a few minutes of your day answering the questions on the national "COVID-19 survey" here on